Many people and sites have helped to gather the information condensed here. I'm not able to remember and list all of them, but this is a try:


Special thanks to

  • Fred Kiefer for numerous mails of patient help to understand and fix some bits and pieces and maintaining gnustep-gui (AppKit) of course.
  • David Chisnall for creating and maintaining libobjc2.
  • Riccardo Canalicchio and Alessandro Sangiuliano for creating the initial Rik.theme which was important to reach out for a good looking GNUstep next to the Nesedah theme from the Etoilé project (yes, that's been given up).
  • Bertrand Dekoninck who did great pioneering graphics work on creating an appealing GNUstep working environment and GNUstep themes.
  • Niels Grewe for writing DBusKit and DBusMenu - great stuff, hoping for more fixes to come!
  • Riccardo Mottola for maintaing numerous GNUstep apps.

Generally speaking to the GNUstep community as a whole as there are many friendly and helpful people. Thank you!

General information

Best books on Objective C and Cocoa development


  • Aaron Hillegass/Adam Preble: Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X. 4th ed. Addison-Wesly, 2012.


  • Holger Hinzberg: Objective-C und Cocoa Praxiseinstieg. Programmierung für Mac OS X und iPhone. 2. Aufl. mitp/hjr Verlag, 2012.